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GS Yuasa Academy

The original & only complete online battery training solution

The GS Yuasa Academy has been designed to provide leading technical training and assessed accreditation for GS and Yuasa battery users including workshop technicians, distributors and colleges.

With engaging presenters and learning pathways tailored to individual job roles, the academy is designed to make battery learning fun and easy to follow.

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The Institute of the Motor Industry

The Institute of the Motor Industry

GS Yuasa Academy is the first battery training program to partner with The Institute of the Motor Industry. All users who successfully complete GS Yuasa Academy’s 21 courses can apply to become a fully-fledged member of the IMI.



All GS Yuasa Academy courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service, the UK’s leading independent Continuing Professional Development institution. All certificates carry the professionally recognised CPD logo and count as credits towards CPD achievement targets.

How it works

GS Yuasa Academy is made up of over 20 detailed training courses. Each course is broken down into dynamic video-based modules which are followed by a small test to check understanding. At the end of every course you’ll have the opportunity to gain a GS Yuasa accredited certificate by completing a longer assessment.

The comprehensive GS Yuasa training videos target skills required to meet the needs of both the employee and business, for now and in the future. Our courses offer in-depth technical training and best practice advice, covering every step of a battery’s ‘journey’- from leaving the shelf, through ongoing maintenance, to end of service life.

GS Yuasa Academy also provides advanced team leader functionality to allow the management of a team learning. To be set up as a team leader please sign up for an account and then email academy@gs-yuasa.uk.

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Benefits of joining

  • Maximise your battery business potential
  • Gain the skills you need to improve customer service
  • Increase sales by understanding customer requirements
  • Reduce warranty returns
  • Useful downloadable support material

Team leader features include:

  • A bulk team upload
  • Progress dashboards
  • Downloadable reports
  • Specific learning paths
  • Team segmentation
  • Reminder emails

To be set up as a team leader please sign up for an account and then email academy@gs-yuasa.uk.