About the Academy

Detailed training courses to help you maximise your battery potential

GS Yuasa Academy is the first comprehensive online battery training platform available. Featuring over 20 detailed training courses, it offers best practice advice, covering every step of a battery’s ‘journey’- from leaving the shelf, through ongoing maintenance, to end of service life.

Designed for individuals and organisations alike, the module-based courses provide valuable knowledge and practical skills. They are delivered in a dynamic video format by engaging presenters and include graphics to aid learning plus downloadable support material.

Individualised and easy to follow

The system will suggest a tailored learning path depending on your job role. Users are then able to stick to this path, or complete further courses to increase understanding.

Training can also be completed at any pace. Each course module only takes a few minutes and users can leave the site and return to pick up where they left off at any time.

Test your understanding

There are various multiple choice tests along the way so users can reflect on learning and check their understanding as they progress. Upon the completion of each course, a downloadable certificate will be achieved and should be printed as proof of certification in this area.

A comprehensive range of videos

GS Yuasa Academy features courses on a wide range of battery related topics – from correct application and technology, to battery testing and warranty handling.


Team leader functionality for organisation & businesses

GS Yuasa Academy is also designed with large distributors, retailers and motor factors in mind.

Special business features can be unlocked, making it easy to manage and monitor the learning of teams large or small. This solution helps maximise business potential and is also available to colleges and educational institutions.

Team leader features include:

  • A Bulk team upload
  • Progress dashboards
  • Downloadable reports
  • Specific learning paths
  • Team segmentation
  • Reminder emails

To be set up as a team leader please sign up for an account and then email academy@gs-yuasa.uk