User Guide

Please follow the ‘Your User Account’ instructions below to create your account.

For details on setting up a team leader account if required, please scroll down to ‘Team Leader User Guide’

Your User Account

There are 2 ways to create an Academy Account:

  1.     Go to the website > complete the registration form
  2.     Your team leader can invite you > click on the link in the email you receive

Job Role

Select the job role which is closest to yours – we use this to help you choose the best courses for you. If your job role doesn’t resemble any of the options select ‘other’ and no courses will be pre-selected for you.

Team Code

If you are invited to register with the Academy by a team leader you team code will already be entered. If you are not part of a team just leave this blank (you can be added to a team at a later date if required).


When you complete the registration form you will see a list of courses, you can decide on which of the optional courses you want to, some courses are mandatory so the have to complete them before you can move on to the optional course.

Progress Emails

You have the option to receive progress emails, tick this box to receive monthly emails to track your progress.

When Logged In


Hit the Courses Link in the top menu to view a list of the courses you are enrolled in. You must complete courses in  a specific order:

  1. ·      First > Overall Mandatory Courses


  1. ·      Second > Vehicle Mandatory Courses


  1. ·      Third > Vehicle Courses (optional)


Ask a Question

You can ask GS Yuasa Academy a question at any time – simply enter it into the ‘Ask a Question’ box situated on the right of the course and module pages and we’ll get back to you with a response ASAP.


Course Overview

Clicking on a course will take you to a course overview page – this contains:

  1.     Short video giving you an introduction to the course
  2.     A list of the course modules (these must be completed in order)
  3.     Link to take the end-course test

Module Overview

Each module contains 2 elements:

  1.     A short video providing you with the information needed to take the module test
  2.     An end-of-module test

To complete the module you need to watch the video and take the test. Once this is complete you can move onto the next module.


End of Course Test


When you have completed all the modules in a course you can take the end-of-course test. You will be shown random multiple choice questions and have to answer them all correctly before you can proceed to the next course.


Handy Hint – if you get some questions wrong you can view the correct answers once the test is finished…but remember the questions are random so you might not get the same questions again!

Your Progress

Select this menu item to check your progress on your enrolled courses – expand the course to reveal what percentage of the course you have completed.


When you have completed a course you will see a green tick and a certificate icon to show that you have passed. Clicking the icon will allow you to view/download the certificate.


Edit Profile

You can update your account details here, including:


  • Reset your password
  • Change your progress email preference
  • If you created an account without a team code and wish to enter one at a later date (provided to you by your team leader) you can add it here.
  • You can delete your account here too if you wish.



Team Leader User Guide

GS Yuasa Academy offers advanced functionality for customers wishing to enrol multiple users into the system and then track their learning progress.

In order to become a team leader, please enrol as a user on GS Yuasa Academy and then contact to request a Team Leader account. 

Team Leader User Account

First set up a GS Yuasa Academy account and then contact to request a team leader account. We will notify you when your account has been upgraded.

Once logged in after the upgrade, you will be able to:

  1.     View your team members / their course progress (and export as CSV)
  2.     Edit users learning path
  3.     Invite new members to your team

Dashboard – Viewing and Exporting User Data

  1.     Select ‘Dashboard’ from top menu
  2.     You will see a list of your team members
  3.     Use the filters on the right to find applicable users
  4.     Hit the green ‘Download current report’ button to create a CSV of the user data below

Dashboard – User Information

Hit the ‘View’ link next to the user to:

  1.     See the courses they are registered on
  2.     See their progress on these courses
  3.     Change which courses they are enrolled on (hit the green Enrolled courses button)
  4.     Set a new password for them (hit the green login details button)

Dashboard – Invite Team Members

GS Yuasa Academy will allow you to invite your team member to join the programme. Once enrolled you will be able to track their progress and manage their learning.

GS Yuasa Academy will allow you to send invitation emails individually or in bulk. Please note these email are an invitation to join and do not automatically create an account for the recipient. They must click on the link in the email and set up their own account to create their account. Once this has been done the user will appear on your dashboard.

We would suggest sending all team members an email from your usual email account / client (Outlook etc) to inform staff to look out for the GS Yuasa Academy email prior to inviting them through this site.

To send invites, you have 2 options:

  1.     Invite members individually
  2.     Bulk invite members using the CSV import

Invite members individually

  1.     Hit the green ’Invite member’ button
  2.     Enter the member details and hit the ‘Invite team member’ button
  3.     On submission the user will receive a welcome email containing a link to the sign-up form on the website – the form will be pre-populated with the data entered in the invite form.
  4.     The user will be able to edit the non-mandatory courses assigned to them and confirm if they’d like to receive progress emails before signing up.
  5.     On submission the user will receive an email confirming their username and a list of course they are enrolled on. They will also be redirected to their Dashboard.

Bulk invite members using the CSV import*

*Please note this should only be attempted if your data is correct

  1.     Hit the green ‘CSV import’ button
  2.     Download the CSV template via the green ‘Download CSV template’ button
  3.     Open the CSV and add rows below the heading row to enter the user data – please ensure the data is correct:
  4.     team codes are listing on the page where you download the CSV template, they are case sensitive
  5.     job roles MUST BE ENTERED in the format shown e.g. customer-services rather that customer services – there can be no spaces
  6.     Once all the data is entered in the CSV save it to your machine – ENSURE IT IS A CSV
  7.     Hit the ‘Choose file’ button and search for your file, select it and confirm the team the users should be added to
  8.     You will see a review screen – please use this to double-check that the information you have uploaded is correct. If you notice any mistakes in the information go back in your browser, change the data in your CSV, resave and try again.
  9.     If you are completely happy, hit the ‘Send emails’ button – this will send emails to all of the email addresses on the list so they can sign up